Jerry, Sheryl, and Brandi

CVC Success Group coaches Jerry & Sheryl Isenhour & Brandi Biswell.

On this episode of The CVC Home Service Success Network, we talk about one of the buzzwords of today’s world: AI, and that stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI is not new – it has been around for a few years – but today it seems to be picking up speed rapidly as a tool for business management. Quite simply, AI can provide you with an asset to accomplish much more with less effort and time, and we use it every single day. Those that have the foresight to view technology as a tool and put it to work are going to come out on the top as business continues to change and evolve daily.

Tune us in for this episode for a lowdown on the things that AI can do that make your business and your life more productive and provide a higher return for you. The CVC Home Service Success Network is a presentation of CVC Success Group and as always, our goal is to provide our listeners with tools and processes to take their business to the level they dreamed of the day that they started.