Jerry Isenhour – Coach and Consultant

Jerry E. Isenhour, Sr. is a recognized expert in the field of retail and service businesses. He is a leading name in the chimney and venting industry and has been involved in it since his initial entry into the ownership and management of his first business venture. He also helped pioneer the hearth industry as it transitioned to marketing outdoor living products. This has proven to be a viable growth area for the hearth industry and has even extended into the landscape industry.

Jerry has also worked extensively within other industries, offering design, training, and marketing assistance. He has coached, consulted, and trained at various levels for a variety of businesses, including plumbing, electric, hearth sales, chimney services, landscaping, restoration, and other sales and service industries.

Jerry is a speaker, he is a coach, he is an author and he is a mentor to many, extending well outside of him client base, he offers value to others every day of his life with his insightful posts on various media. As the author of Chaos To Reinvention, he does not just talk about failure and how to rise from it, rather his story is of a man who did fail in his business pursuits, but from this put together the methods of reinvention that can be used by others. And from his own failures he can share with you the ways to circumvent them in your own personal and business pursuits.

Jerry Isenhour speaking with microphone in his hand wearing glasses with CVC banner in the background
Jerry has served as the CEO of several companies in the service and retail industries from 1982 – 2010. In addition, he is known as one of the leading educators in various blue collar home services industries. He is an authoritative source that commands the respect of his peers and can serve as a no-nonsense support person for your company. Quite frankly, when he speaks, company owners listen. This is due to his ability to discuss and explain in terms most business owners understand because he has been in their shoes.
Jerry Isenhour speaking at a conference he has glasses and a microphone in his hand.
In 2010, after many years as an industry speaker, Jerry founded CVC Success Group to offer others his expertise. Very few have had the impact on service industries that he has.

Jerry served as President of both chimney industry trade groups and educational foundations. Businesses across the nation have relied on him and his team to both educate and coach them to the levels they previously only dreamed of. An invaluable resource for those who are looking to build first-class training programs in their own companies as well. Likely, no other instructor has touched as many people or made as much change to various business models in the industries he serves throughout the USA as Jerry.

His work and research in regards to the failure of masonry products and systems from high temperature events has been used as a reference by The Journal of Forensic Engineers. His work has been published in technical journals that are utilized by the engineering industry as authoritative sources. He is a recognized expert in the thermal dynamics of the venting system, and likely the most authoritative source in the science of chimney failure. When he speaks, all listen!

Jerry has been tremendously involved over his 30+ year career, lending his expertise and service to many trade associations. This has involved time spent in Europe studying the European chimney service industry, along with the appliances commonly used in various European countries.
Jerry Isenhour also provides special services for architects and builders in regards to analysis of field issues and the preparation of solutions for air quality issues, performance issues, and the review of plans. He can provide on-site supervision of construction and installation of solid fuel systems and their allied venting systems. He is also commonly consulted in regards to field failure of venting systems by consumers, insurance companies, and others.

One of Jerry’s preferred ways to provide impactful business coaching and training is by educating and serving the industry daily through speaking engagements. He also conducts hours of CEU training in technical assistance, as well as in business consulting and coaching.

But industry knowledge alone does not make for the quality and skills that clients want and need. Jerry has also amassed certification from other coaching programs and today can say he has studied under and been certified, and a testimony even provided by Jeffrey Gitomer, likely one of the leading sales trainers in the nation and author of the Little Red Book Of Selling. He has also been certified under the John Maxwell Team brand, and carries their certification as a speaker, a coach and a trainer. And he continues his tutelage of others with study and coaching by the Pitbull of Personal Development Larry Winget.

Jerry Isenhour leaning against a concrete post with arms crossed with glasses with parking lot in the background
With Jerry as your coach, your mentor, your educator, or your speaker, you have a resource that is well-respected, and whose opinions are well-founded and based on fact, not conjecture or unfounded logic. You may also find someone who as one client described as “I think Jerry is more concerned with my success than I am.”

But don’t just take our word for it. Like Jeffrey Gitomer says “if a customer says it then it has to be the truth” and we would invite you to listen to some of our clients talk about the positive effects Jerry and his team at CVC Success Group have had for them.

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