We Work With A Variety Of Partners To Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Here at CVC Coaching, we work with a variety of network partners to help meet all of your specific business needs. Our partners have worked closely with countless service businesses and can offer you help where you need it, as you need it.

Our CFOs Can Help With Asset & Wealth Management, Retirement Planning & More

The CVC Network team of experts includes professionals you can call upon to assist you with your personal asset and wealth management. This is a very real need on the part of any business owner. The purpose of our business is to deliver to you your dreams; likely this includes financial management, and we have trusted advisors that we can recommend to you that will assist you in the management of your personal assets for maximum return.

People want personal, financial, and retirement freedom. To achieve this, we need to anticipate different outcomes, both good and bad, and have a plan ready that deals with this on your terms. You need someone who can understand your unique goals and who will work with you to set up a plan based on the current and possible future economic cycles.

This process involves listening to you, presenting options, allowing you to say no to what you do not like, and then presenting new options until you have the comfort and confidence to implement a plan that meets your needs. The strategies include, but are not limited to:

  • personal and business wealth accumulation
  • retirement distribution
  • ownership benefit plans
  • employee group benefits
  • business succession planning
  • estate planning
  • and most importantly, who you want to take care of and how you want to be remembered

The end result is living life on your terms – that is Retirement Freedom!

CVC Coaching holds the belief that for a business to see success, proper tracking and budgeting are imperative. Many feel that the accountant does this; however, accountants report on the past. What is truly needed is a Chief Financial Officer to help the business construct the financial road map for the future. CVC has several very qualified CFOs in our network who can work with you on a contract basis, thus giving you access at a very reasonable cost to professional financial guidance. Nearly every for-profit company shares one common goal:  the desire to improve profitability and increase shareholder value.  Very often, however, a lack of financial expertise can keep businesses from reaching these goals.

A cost-effective solution for businesses is an outsourced independent CFO.  These individuals come with years of company management experience and work with CEOs to help them improve financial management and achieve critical goals.  Outsourced CFO service providers support CEOs and business owners by delivering high-level financial expertise and capabilities, along with the flexibility that comes with hiring an outsourced consultant instead of committing the time and expense required to hire a full-time CFO.

Since outsourced CFOs have “been there, done that,” the results come to you faster.  They can work with you on your business as your trusted advisor and accountability partner, asking the tough questions that others can’t or won’t.  Typically they become part of your “A-Team,” working with your outside advisors, partners, board and managers.

Functioning as your accountability partner, CFOs work with you on your strategy, budget, planning, reporting and analysis to ensure that your business stays on the right track.  By taking the financial management tasks off of your plate, they keep you focused on looking forward, innovating, growing and staying one step ahead of your competition.  Your focus should be on growing your business, not the goings-on in the back office.

Bottom line, outsourced independent CFOs take the risk out of your financial results.  You benefit from having a trained eye looking over your shoulder and providing you with valuable input and guidance along the way – better decisions, better results.

Our Network Partners Provide Internet Marketing Advice, Support & Services

Our professional network also includes a team of internet marketing experts with extensive experience working with businesses in the service industry. They offer different packages at different price points, and can provide you with complete site design, fresh content, branding, email campaign management, online strategy and management, and more. They also offer a DIY toolbox, which equips you with the tools you need to successfully manage your online presence on your own terms and in your own time.

Reach Your Target With Data Analysis

We also partner with a data analysis expert who brings big data analysis capabilities to small companies.  They help our clients thoroughly understand the demographic, geographic and detailed characteristics of their current customers, so that they can strategically create a marketing plan that focuses on relevantly engaging the right prospect with the right message at the right time.

Their system provides real-time tracking and measuring, as well as tools to automate engagements, customer follow-ups, estimate follow-ups, and forward scheduling, which allows companies to free up their most valuable and expensive resources: their employees.

Increase Efficiency With Lean Operations

One of the hottest tickets for any business is lean operations. This can be implemented in the warehousing system and the layout of service trucks down to the everyday operation of the company.

CVC Coaching is a believer in the value of the lean principals. Implementing a complete lean culture is a recognized business practice that will serve to raise the bottom line of the company. To accomplish this goal, CVC partners with lean experts who have the right background to work individually with your company, not only with the design of the lean systems, but also with the culture buy-in process of your staff members.

As stated, lean is a culture. Lean is also a realization that one can only institute the programs that can realistically be maintained. Companies that embark on the 5S of lean are only served well if they implement and maintain the lean process. Let us know if an implementation of lean is your goal and if our qualified network partners can assist you in achieving and maintaining your goals.

For more information on any of our network partners, please give us a call at (704) 425-0217 or fill out our online contact form.

Our support services include group coaching for mid-level management issues as well as life and business partnership issues. Ask us for more information about how this could work for you.