Client Testimonials

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We have been using Jerry Isenhour and CVC Success Group for going on 2 years now and the value of the training and coaching we have received has been invaluable. Every business owner should have a coach. There are times I couldn’t see the forest for the trees and Jerry was there to take a look from above and offer great suggestions and plans to help me navigate my way. His knowledge of our industry has proven to be a tremendous help to our company. One of the areas I find particularly helpful by working with Jerry is follow up. Jerry is on my tail following up with the programs and strategies we have implemented. And like any coach worth his salt, Jerry has pushed us towards the best outcome even when it was not easy. There is no coach out there with the industry specific knowledge Jerry has. If you want a well run profitable busniess with less head aches, hire Jerry Isenhour and CVC Success Group.
~ Chuck Hall

Winston's Chimney Service

I have the pleasure of knowing Jerry Isenhour for a number of years and have engaged his firm CVC Success Group for the last two years.

Jerry is many things; mentor, confidant, devils advocate and trusted advisor. He is easy to contact 24/7 days a week if needed.

Jerry possesses a very unique combination of practical business experience and is probably the most knowledgeable person in the nation in solving any chimney problems. Because of his vast knowledge of the chimney industry and chimney construction, he is able to tailor training classes to suit my need as an employer and most importantly he connects with the employees so that the information is retained.

If you are considering partnering with CVC Success Group you will have to understand that this is not an expense, it is an investment in your company’s future and the return on investment is well worth it.

I highly recommend Jerry Isenhour and CVC Success Group and am proud to call Jerry my friend.

~ Chuck Roydhouse

CEO, Clean Sweep of Ann Arundel County Chimney Repair & Maintenance

This is a professional recommendation for the coaching services provided by Jerry Isenhour and his staff at CVC Success Group. I contracted CVC Success Group after attending numerous seminars by Jerry, which I considered to be some of the most relevant in regards to industry trends and business building. I jumped at the opportunity to work with him privately!

His initial assessment of our operation was thorough and insightful, and his follow up was second to none. His constant encouragement to take the next bite of elephant and keep moving forward has been the driving force in us; upgrading our staff quality through education and stricter hiring procedures, completely changed our marketing strategies, get a handle on our financials, and greatly influenced changes made to all of our systems. His passion for business is truly inspiring and it seems that he is more pleased with my successes than I am myself.

We have extended our contract with Jerry because he just keeps coming back with more to offer. Not to mention the constant ideas, the wealth of knowledge he possesses in running a business is unlimited. I have yet to throw him a curve ball (and we’ve had some really bad things happen) where he has not been through it himself or had a solution ready to go. His advice has been priceless.

If you are looking to make changes to what you have been doing and just don’t know where to start, consider partnering with Jerry and CVC Success Group. If you put the time in and take it serious, positive change is inevitable.

~ Stephen R. Sobczak

President, Total Chimney Care

It has been great to experience first hand the enthusiasm/inspiration that Jerry has recently brought to my entire team. Jerry has helped put that spring back into our step, mine included. If your looking to start a business out on the right foot or revitalize your existing business, Jerry is your man, a Jerry Isenhour “Wake Up Call”, is like a shot in the arm! Jerry is a true expert in this industry and is quick to identify problems/weaknesses within your organization and offer solutions for a positive direction.
~ John Luce

Owner, Luce's Chimney & Stove Shop LLC


The two day seminar that you put on for Team Brickliners exceeded all expectations and was absolutely what the doctor ordered. You delivered a very informative presentation and hit on all of the topics that a company needs to know in order succeed. The technicians walked out of your seminar with knowledge of the chimney industry and sales tools that would have taken years to develop. They are much more confident in their individual abilities and it has paid off tremendously. I would recommend CVC Success Group to any and all chimney companies that are ready to take their business to the next level.

~ Jake Loeffler & Brickliners Crew

CVC Success Group has become my go to service business advisers and onsite trainers. Jerry Isenhour has an incredible amount of technical, sales and customer service knowledge that he has helped us achieve higher and higher levels. Since joining the CVC team, our business has doubled in size and I credit a lot of the growth and smoothness in which the business runs to the coaching and training from CVC.
~ Mark Stoner

Ashbusters Chimney Service, Inc.`

I’ve had the distinct pleasure to know Mr. Jerry Isenhour for many years. I’ve served on National Association Boards, Task Forces and Committees with him as well as have attended several lectures and classes he’s presented over the past …years. I’ve seen him demonstrate extreme skill in drilling down through issues and developing solutions for tough situations including both financial and employee-related issues. He’s an expert when it comes to putting together Standard Operating Procedures and I feel he would be a great asset for a company looking to develop a standardized operating plan of action. Jerry has “been there and done that”. He truly knows what it takes to put together a powerful organization. If you’re considering growing your operation, I urge you to consider Mr. Isenhour and his team as a potential valuable partner in that growth plan.
~ Bart Ogden

Home Safe Hearth & Chimney

I have known Jerry for over 20 years. Over time I have become acquainted with his business acumen and his knowledge of retailing and chimney sweeping. He personally helped my own business. In a short period of time I increased my gross and net income, hired an office manager, and put a second truck on the road. With an efficiently running business i never worked more than five days a week in ‘busy season’. Jerry can take your good business and make it a great business.
~ Bob Fish

Chimney Consultants, LLC

When Jerry first started CVC Success Group, we were one of his first clients. We were treated like royalty and given his most undivided attention. He visited our work place, worked with our employees, and sat back and evaluated our team working together. At this time, we were somewhat broken and had several areas where we were lacking. We were a company that started out as a one man operation and went to 5 employees over a 3 year period. The one man was still working in the business NOT on the business. With Jerry’s coaching, we were able to set up some SOP’s, give guidance to our team, and analyze how we do things and why. That one man is still working in the business but has realized that there are others who can work on the business without him. We have all found our place on the team and continue to grow and succeed together!

Thanks Jerry for the coaching and the friendship!

~ Katie Maynard

The Chimney Guy, LLC, Menasha, WI

When I first came across Jerry I thought because his extensive experience in the Chimney business that it would not apply to my Fire & Water Restoration business. After spending time with him I realized that his ideas and knowledge are very applicable to my business. Working in the business everyday often we loose sight of the goal. Jerry has helped me to stay focused and to work ON the business. Most importantly he has showed me proven methods to increase sales, improve cash flow and improve my entire operation. Never thought that I would be learning to market my business thru social networking from a guy that is older than me, but he has really helped me to navigate the process. Would highly recommend spending time with Jerry.
~ Craig Williams

Hi Jerry,

This memo confirms a number of huge benefits that you brought to me and our Company.

First, I asked you to Milwaukee to assist in my succession plan. Even though I had a general direction in mind originally, you were of great assistance in redirecting us to a great final plan that we are now implementing.

Secondly, had you not been the focal point of this succession plan efforts, my gut feel is that we (I) would have not had the energy and follow through to get this done had you not assisted us.

Thirdly, your many, many industry contacts have supplied us with invaluable outside resources that we would have never had knowledge of without your assistance.

Lastly, you brought a large number of new ideas/approaches during your 3 day seminar at our facility with regard to our marketing/selling efforts.

In summary, during the year of 2014 we first employed your services as mentioned above. In my opinion, our return on investment from your services has been quite acceptable. Anyone wanting more information can contact me directly.

~ Bill Hussel

Owner, Chimney Doctors

Jerry uniquely combines high level industry knowledge, decades of experience, over- the – top energy with a deep commitment to the success of others.

When I first became a sweep in 1988 Jerry was the North Carolina Guild president and my hero. Having Jerry’s seemingly unreserved availability and generous support, as a rookie I felt like I could offer my customers seasoned service. Decades later Jerry has more to offer than ever. Jerry continues to do what he does best he trains and coaches. What is equally impressive is that he has assembled a team of seasoned experts/coaches that provide individual business owners the wisdom, the savvy, and the all important kick-in-the-pants motivation to see successful change take place.

Thank you, Jerry, for being such a big encouragement and supporter of my success and the success of hundreds of others over the years. It looks like your years of greatest impact are still ahead.

~ Charlie Quaile

Due to the increase in changing markets, and the broadening of sweeps business horizons, those companies that we have talked to and work with, have benefitted from CVC’s coaching.

Through the first analysis to pin pointing where frustration really is within a company, the folks at CVC try to unfold the problem and find where the wrinkles are so you as a business owner can apply techniques to correct the problem.

It may sound easy but some problems and perspectives can run deep within an organization. From our past experiences using consultants within our organization, having someone who knows the sweeping industry as intently as they do can provide some comfort along a bumpy road to change.

Many consulting companies have the business acumen, but lack the knowledge about your industry or service companies. CVC can offer you both, and that can be a bargain!

~ Tom Urban

Estoban Corporation

I’ve taken several classes offered by Jerry and CVC Success Group over the years and each one added to the bottom line of my company. One of the topics that frequently comes up in his classes is return on investment or “ROI”. I’ve gotten a good ROI every time every time I’ve taken a class offered by CVC.
~ Lou Curley

Lou Curley's Chimney Service

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