Knowledge Is Power — Know & Understand New Hires, Employees & Yourself Better With The DiSC Assessment

Relationships are hard. Running a company and managing a team of people is hard. Personalities and communication styles clash, misunderstandings abound, and small issues become big problems. But people aren’t so different from anything else — once you understand how they work, things get a lot easier. That’s where the DiSC Assessment comes in.

The DiSC Assessment is a tool that uses a series of questions to identify people’s behavioral differences and personality types. It’s used by more than 1 million people annually to improve communication and teamwork, and to provide people with the basic information needed to understand each other better at home and at work.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your self, your natural response to conflict and discomfort, the things that motivate and inspire you, the things that stress you out, and your natural approach to problematic situations, the better you’ll be at adapting, planning, and communicating. Add to that a greater understanding of those you work with, their natural responses to conflict and discomfort, the things that motivate and inspire them, the things that stress them out, and their natural approach to problematic situations, and you’ll see vast improvements to the team’s productivity, communication, stress levels, and attitudes.

A happier, more productive workplace? Who doesn’t want that?

Ways The DiSC Assessment Tool Can Be Used At Work:

  • Improve Sales — Sales is all about understanding the mind frames, motivations, and hesitations of your customers. If you don’t have at least a general understanding of your customer, you won’t effectively appeal to their motivations, adapt to their communication needs, or convince them to say “YES.” Once you’ve completed the DiSC Assessment, you’ll be better at identifying and responding to different personality and behavioral types, which will put you in a better position to meet customers where they are and close more sales.
  • Improve Management & Leadership — Managing and leading people can be challenging, no matter how many years of experience you have. In order to be an effective leader and manager, you have to effectively solve problems and work through conflict, identify how to communicate with each different personality, and recognize what motivates those you’re leading and managing. The DiSC Assessment Tool helps by giving you the insight into your team that you need to lead them.
  • Improve Teamwork, Communication & Conflict Management — Willy Wonka had it easy because every one of his Oompa Loompas worked the same way and spoke the same language, so to speak. In the real world, one person can be vastly different from another. We have different communication styles, different cultural backgrounds, and different biases and beliefs, and as much as we may try to strip down and leave those things at the door, we bring them to work with us — and those differences aren’t always harmonious. The DiSC Assessment Tool will help you and your team better understand each other, so you can adapt your communication styles to the individuals you’re working with for a better, more productive, less stressful work environment.
  • Identify Compatibility Of & Best Role For New Hires — Hiring is costly and time-consuming, and it can be particularly frustrating to go through the entire process of hiring and onboarding, only to learn that you’ve hired the wrong person for the job. The DiSC Assessment Tool can protect you from these situations by helping you quickly identify whether or not a potential hire is a good fit for the company and a good fit for the position.

What Do The Letters In The DiSC Assessment Tool Stand For & How Do They Translate To Real Knowledge I Can Use?

The DiSC Assessment Tool breaks people down into four different areas:

  • D = Dominance — People who are D heavy are great in results-driven positions because they are good at seeing the big picture, taking on challenges, and being straightforward.
  • i = Influence — People who are i heavy excel in positions where they’re able to work closely with and motivate a team. They’re typically enthusiastic, open, and good at encouraging or influencing others.
  • S = Steadiness — People who are S dominant are very dependable and calm, so they may do well in support roles.
  • C = Conscientiousness — People who are C heavy may do best in a position where they know exactly what’s expected of them, they have all the details needed to get the job done, and they’re given the independence to work on the task on their own.

Whether you’re the owner, manager, an employee, a new hire, or a potential employee, the DiSC Assessment will help you:

  • Understand yourself better
  • Understand others better
  • Understand how you prefer to be communicated with
  • Understand how others in the company prefer to be communicated with
  • Recognize strong suits and areas of weakness
  • Identify where you thrive and where you might not do so well

Once you and your team have completed the DiSC Assessment and really soaked in the information, you can expect:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better company teamwork
  • Less stressful work environment
  • Better communication skills
  • Greater self-awareness

But the DiSC Assessment isn’t just for work — it can also be used to better understand your family and learn how to communicate effectively with your spouse and your children. With a better understanding of yourself and others, you will be empowered to make the most of your professional and personal relationships.

Interested In Learning More? Sheryl’s DiSC Certified & Can Answer Any Questions You Have

Are you interested in learning more about the DiSC Assessment Tool and how it can help improve your professional and personal life? Sheryl is DiSC certified and can answer any questions you have about the tool, the process, and the benefits. Call (704) 425-0217 or reach out to us through our contact page today to get started.

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