Virtual Sales & CSR Training

As a business owner, you’re continually concerned about the opportunities you may be missing out on. You can’t be on every service call with every technician or on every phone call with every Customer Service Representative (commonly called a CSR) but you need to coach them up to becoming “customer experience representatives” and ensure everyone is doing their best.cvc

And on top of everything else that needs your attention, you also have to find time to make sure your own sales and interpersonal skills are serving your business.

While going on ride-alongs with your team or listening in on your CSR’s calls can provide you with some information, often it can be limited to a glimpse into their best behavior and how they perform when they know they’re being monitored.

Bringing in a coach can provide all sorts of benefits (and we’re happy to help!) but now there is an additional solution available to move your team to their top performance.

The changing environment of training ….. and the people being trained

Technology has become pervasive in all of our lives. The folks who five years ago didn’t even have a cellphone are now texting and posting their family photos to social media all from their smartphones. The younger generation in the workforce has never lived without being surrounded by technology.

Your customers are used to it and so are your team members. Isn’t it time you took advantage of this and bring your company to the next level?

Now you can use the technology that everyone is already carrying with them to provide a new level of personal training for each and every member of your team!

Not only does our Virtual Sales & CSR Training program give you this new opportunity, but also it aligns perfectly with how many of your team members are used to learning.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, FREE software is utilized to record the interactions between your team and your clients / potential clients and is reviewed by our mentors who then develop and deliver a coaching program specific to your team

Each program is custom designed for our clients and includes as many (or as few) of the following pieces as appropriate:

  • Initial strategic planning session (this is in addition to the free consultation we are happy to have with anyone interested in the program)
  • Review of recorded CSR sessions
  • Review of recorded on-site technician consultations
  • Second strategic planning session with business owner to discuss findings, opportunities, next step.
  • Coaching sessions with team members via web-based meeting platform (done individually or as a group)
  • In-person coaching sessions with team members (done individually or as a group)
  • Follow up strategic planning session with business owner to confirm progress and determine any further needs.


People are very used to technology and being recorded and we have found that if done on a regular basis as part of their normal procedures, your team will quickly be so comfortable with it that they will behave “normally” as opposed to the best behavior during ride-alongs. This will help us provide them with the coaching that will really help them.

  • We will help guide you with what to say to customers to make sure they are comfortable with the process and that they legally agree to the recordings.
  • Here’s your bonus! Having your conversation and pictures of your project in a file that can be emailed to them as a follow-up will help:
  • Ensure information is properly shared with other decision-makers in the family who were not able to attend the consultation in person.
  • Can serve as a follow-up marketing piece for those people who didn’t buy on-site.
  • Can serve as a follow up after a service call for confirmation on a job well done leading to more referrals and great online reviews!
  • Let’s face it, can serve to provide some legal coverage.

Just this one platform will be able to provide a wide variety of sales, marketing and training opportunities for you!

Next Steps

Let’s chat! I’m sure you have questions, as this is a pretty new idea. There is never a charge for a conversation so we can get to know each other and find out if we are able to help you grow your business.

Reach out to Erin at or call/text me at 847-322-1467 and tell me you’re ready!


Among our support services, we offer Group Coaching for you and a member of your team. Take advantage of this great service today!