Joshua Kelley

Joshua is a member to CVC Success Group team of coaches and consultants, He is currently certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) and has his master certification. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in Accounting. For the last 20 years Josh has been managing both a retail and service business.

Josh has been interviewed on the Tool Box for the Trades Podcast, Blue Collar Gold Podcast, and The Chimney & Fireplace Success Network podcast as well.

Josh has done every job possible in the business, accounting, warehousing, purchasing, service, installation, sales, and management. Through his unique ability of doing every position needed in a company, he was able to write SOPs and document every position in the company, and eliminate waste. By doing this, his business is able to run itself without day to day oversight, and manage the business remotely from any place in the world.

One thing you should know about Josh is that he has ADD. So what does that mean for you? My short term memory is the worst. But my long term memory is great. With the bad short term memory, I need to stay focused on the task at hand, so usually employees the use of a large audio system at his desk, maybe some fidget widgets. Because squirrels! And once you see that squirrel it’s hard to get back to the task at hand. Also I don’t really like to repeat myself.

Often as a business owner or manager you often have a razor thin attention span. I had to come up with a solution to eliminate my distractions, and employee interruptions for the same question over and over. It hit me one day when I was onboarding a CSR. We had all the documentation in the world for that position but none of the work flow and if/and/then questions where they were quickly available. So I started to put together a website, and each time a problem or question came up I would put it onto the website. From there we would start creating workflows, FAQ’s, job descriptions and more. With regular tweaking my interruptions were minimized and I answered most of the questions in the business. So my answer to most questions was have you checked the website?So instead of interrupting me 10,20,30 times I get one or two strange ones by phone. I don’t have to be there anymore.

Joshua Kelly - Coach
With my unique problem solving skills and computer skills I was able to create a unique sales process, custom images, brochures, sop’s checklists, to create custom solutions to fit my business and eliminate headaches.

Joshua was one of the first implementers of Service Titan in the chimney & venting industries. With strengths in building forms with conditional logic, checklists, inspection reports, pdf forms and pricebooks.

Josh enjoys assisting and working with other companies, no matter the industry, on how they can scale their business and improve their systems for hiring, onboarding, and general day to day operations.

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