Legal Support Services

As an expert in the chimney and venting industries with decades of real world experience, CVC lead consultant Jerry Isenhour has gained a reputation as a trusted source for legal support related to chimney and venting system failures.

Jerry is a professional in both fields, and has studied the two systems in depth – he has provided extensive troubleshooting support and has even helped design codes and standards for higher safety and efficiency levels. Jerry travels throughout the country providing training specific to the chimney and venting industries, and knows the ins and outs better than almost anyone.

Jerry has also been a staff member at the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) training center, and has provided many of the industry’s professionals with invaluable knowledge and support. His research and knowledge of venting systems and masonry products and systems failures has been featured in many technical journals, and many industry professionals have relied on him for advice, support and assistance for decades.

With such a comprehensive understanding of chimney and venting systems and such extensive industry experience, it’s no wonder that Jerry is considered a trusted authority and a legal expert witness. He has been a part of dozens of fire and chimney and/or venting system failure investigations, and many legal and insurance companies rely on his extensive knowledge and documentation to pinpoint cause. Not only has Jerry’s work helped ensure that the responsible party provides the appropriate financial restitution, but it has also helped prevent similar system failures through education and awareness.

You Can Count On Our Expert Legal Support

If a chimney or venting system failure has caused legal issues for you or your company, give CVC a call! We can help you through every stage of the legal process and provide the expert knowledge that you need.

For more information on our expert legal support services and how we can help you with investigatory and legal support, please call us at (704) 425-0217 or fill out our online contact form. We have extensive experience in this area and are more than willing to help you through the process.


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