Sheryl Isenhour – Zig Ziglar Certified Coach and Trainer

Sheryl has been known as the problem solver and go-to person her whole life. She has been a single mother of two children; she has nursed and cared for elderly parents, both her own and her in-laws until they passed. She developed her drive and inner strength doing everything from becoming the caretaker of her mother and their home at the age of twelve to surviving personal and business trials. She tested the male-dominated fields of driving semis and limos to building a wall covering business in times when women were supposed to stay at home. She has been an active participant and keeper of the books in multiple successful family businesses. She built two successful businesses prior to becoming CEO of a successful outdoor living manufacturer, IBD Outdoor Rooms. In that role, she has proven herself to be an accomplished designer and is a recognized expert in the field of outdoor furniture and living areas. Through her talks, inspiration and assistance she has coached others to find success in their own life goals and pursuits, and she might just be the resource you need when those dreams just keep seeming out of reach!

Here is what Tom Ziglar, the head of Ziglar Coaching, one of the coaches Sheryl has trained under says about her “Sheryl Isenhour is proving to be one of our most valued Ziglar Legacy Certified trainers and coaches.  She showed intense interest in adopting the training associated with her certification as both trainer and one-on-one success coach, growing our confidence in her commitment.  We realize the Ziglar standard for legacy trainers and coaches is unique to the industry and it’s rewarding and encouraging to have Sheryl represent the Ziglar brand. She offers her own professional style of integrating the Ziglar philosophy with her delightful personality and ability to identify with others.  Our confidence in Sheryl Isenhour is surpassed only by her heart-felt desire to contribute to the lives of those she touches with the timeless message.” – Tom Ziglar

Sheryl Isenhour

Life has a way of presenting each of us with failures, you know those roadblocks that block our travels to our dreams, life so often throws a curveball. Sheryl is a person who lives by the John Maxwell creed of always failing forward, turning failures into successes, time after time again in her own life, and she helps others when they face these challenges. As Vince Lombardi shared, the winner is the person who gets up when they are knocked down. She is a winner who has been known all her life as helping others get back up after they have been knocked down! That is the true grit that comes from the person who inspired her in life…her father!

In this life-long process Sheryl has learned the delicate art of balancing one’s professional life with the duties and responsibilities of one’s family life. She did it, when at an all too young age, she faced her Father’s declining health as he battled aneurisms and eventually lost to cancer. She overcame her own business and personal obstacles and turned them into success stories. Some may say she is a survivor, but in reality, she is a creative problem solver who works tirelessly and persistently to make things happen and to remove roadblocks to success. In other words, she has already done what many spend their lives hoping to accomplish, remarkably she keeps giving to others without expectations of rewards!


Sheryl’s has a true gift in her ability to assist people with the challenges, that sacred duty of taking care of parents, her husband’s parents and other family members as they age.  She has dealt personally with the issues of Dementia, Alzheimer, Alcoholism, heart issues, Aneurisms and Cancer along with the emotional issues that are associated with the problems of aging of loved ones.  She understands this journey is easier if you have someone there to help guide you thru some of these problems and will be there for you. Unless this person has faced these issues personally, it is hard for them to really provide that help so often needed, you see she understands what you are feeling!


She also understands the challenges that working with your family in business present to your personal life. She has walked the walk, so she can talk the talk. Having worked with husbands, children and other family members she understands the difficulty so many face in making the required decisions in business that must be made while not disrupting the family unit. A tall order, but one she has experienced and one she continue to build her skills to coach on.


You know the feeling, we all get it at times. The wall is up, it blocks your path. The challenges of life and the stress that is carried from your business life hover over you like a storm that will not blow away. It blocks your happiness at home with your loved ones and the ability to take care of your responsibilities. Sheryl understands, but more than that Sheryl can share with you the processes to get past the obstacles that block your path and hinder you from reaching your dreams. Today her passion and motivation is to bring her attitude, experience, and deep knowledge of business and life to the service of others. It is her joy to help others be successful in every phase of their life. This ability has been enhanced along the way in such high-powered training courses as the Zig Ziglar Legacy Certification and Ziglar Coaching Certification. But, as Sheryl will tell you, her greatest teacher has been life, and the business of life itself.


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Sheryl is also DiSC Certified and can help you and your entire team better understand yourselves and each other for a less stressful, more productive work environment. Feel free to contact her at (704) 425-0211 or via email at She can answer any additional questions and determine if she is the right person for you or your company. You can also fill out the online contact form and request her to give you a call.

She is a valued member of the CVC Success Group team and we are indeed fortunate to have her. Sheryl shares the CVC mission and passion, making your business and personal dreams your reality. Is it time you lived your dreams?


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