Let’s face it – equipment is a needed requirement for a home service company. Without trucks and equipment, you are dead in the water. But how do you make this happen? The cost of vehicles has risen dramatically to the current state of the economy. How do companies handle this and buy trucks and equipment to use in the business? Trucks wear out and have to be replaced, they don’t last forever…and a disabled truck is not a way to deliver profit.

Today, we have as our guest Lee Roff of Lords Chimney who has moved to leasing trucks, and we ask him the questions of how this works, mileage requirements, maintenance, end of lease, and other factors with the use of leasing as a way to replace trucks. So plan to join us.

The CVC Home Service Success Network is a presentation of CVC Success Group, our mission is to share ideas and concepts with managers of home service companies to assist them in moving the business to the one they dream of. We look forward to you joining us.