CVC Success Group Ride-A-Long Training Process

One of the best ways to take a technician to a higher level in skills is to utilize the CVC Ride-A-Long Training Process. Using Ride-A-Long training makes the service truck a classroom, and the training takes place on your jobs and with your customers. Imagine a team of experts that come to you and turn your service/install/repair trucks into a classroom and keep you in production during training. That’s just what we’ve done here at the CVC Success Group with our Ride-A-Long Training Process.

 CVC Success Group has a team of industry experts who come to your place of business and get in the trucks and travel with your technicians to their job sites. Skills include sales, safety, installation, service, masonry, technical, inspection and documentation. CVC trainers are skilled in the field with the subject matters they cover.

Our Ride-A-Long Trainers start every training by sending questionnaires to you and your technicians in advance of the training day. This gives the trainer an opportunity to learn about each person, and your company, before we step foot in your business, the challenges, failures and successes. We provide a syllabus for the training we will be providing. When we arrive at your business, we get on the truck and shadow your technicians during their daily schedule. We use the drive time between appointments to debrief the technician on things that they can use to improve themselves immediately for the next appointment. We want each service to be better than the previous one when we are there. Our time is spent in observation and directed training to the weaknesses they exhibit.

At the end of each day the trainer has a debriefing with the technician where the discussion includes a plan to achieve a higher level of results. A plan for education, specific techniques or practices, and processes that will help them achieve their goals is a part of the daily debriefing. In addition, a similar discussion is held with the owner/manager on ways to hold them accountable to the suggested strategy. The trainer provides the manager with a report on each technician and may include suggestions for the business providing a list of tools and or processes that would improve the technicians’ ability to perform at the highest level.

The training doesn’t end there but provides much more after the training. We provide Dream/Goal Coaching after each training. We may not possess the authority to enforce consequences upon the technicians, but we can hold them accountable during our weekly phone calls. These phone calls last for 8 weeks post training and you will receive a report at least every 2 weeks. After 8 weeks we will provide a final report. 

If you are looking for a way to take your technicians to a higher level in the skills they need for phenomenal success, maybe it’s time that you considered the CVC Ride-A-Long Training Process. It’s as simple as reaching out to us at

We offer a variety of other support services, including having our experts speak at your next event!