Jerry, Sheryl, and Brandi

CVC Success Group coaches Jerry & Sheryl Isenhour & Brandi Biswell.

In this episode of The CVC Home Service Success Network, we welcome our guest this week Jen McKee. Jen is the founder of Kee Hart Marketing, an award-winning marketing agency that helps home service providers show up, stand out, and scale using social media. Jen leads a small team of creatives that specializes in putting trades companies on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Their clients have scaled their companies, been asked to speak on industry stages, been invited to be on reality TV, and found incredible new team members all from the power of social media and short-form video. Jen is a mom and wife who loves self-growth, reading, and doing cross-fit.

The CVC Home Service Success Network is a presentation by the coaching team at CVC Success Group, our mission is to provide ideas, concepts and processes to assist managers in taking their business from the one they dreamed of, let’s make those dreams reality.