You run a home services contracting business and one of your problems is getting your people to provide the service and quality you need day after day. Perhaps you have an issue of mistakes. Maybe your waste is too high. No matter the reason, you want a team of super stars but you just cannot seem to get them there.

Well the problem may just be that you have not set the stage for them with the tools they need to do the job. You got them a nice truck, all the tools and everything they need to do the job to the level that they can build that goal customer, you know that one that gives the reviews and testimonials about how great your company and team are. The customer we at CVC Success Group call THE ENTHUSED CUSTOMER. The customer that tells everybody YOU GOTTA TRY MY GUY!


You see, to build the enthused customer you got to provide them with enthused team members and often your people may be simply too lost to provide that level to the customer. Hence you go day after day, month after month, even year after year struggling. Many will finally just give up, blame their people, and say that good people cannot be found anymore. But at the same time as you look around, others are finding them. And you wonder, just how in the world do they do that?

Well first you got to find people with the right stuff, they really are out there, you just have to find how to attract them. But let’s say you got someone. How are you providing him the tools he really needs? The tools of how to do the job properly, how to communicate at the level the customer the is searching for, that level that says you are a phenomenal provider of products and services?

This my friends is done though the on-going and continuous training that super stars go through. Just like anyone who wants to build their body to the most phenomenal level will train daily, so must your team members. This training is done in a way that can connect with them, that can excite them, and most of all will share with them the simple secrets of success. This is the missing link. This is the part that is so hard and the reason is that training is a skill one is not born with, but rather this is a skill that one must learn and build upon. You see the phenomenal trainer must set a goal of being that. Simply being great alone does not impart this skill into others. The greatest techs and customer service reps and other in your company must train to be a great trainer, or progress simply does not occur.

To meet this need CVC Success Group offers our TRAIN THE TRAINER PROGRAM. Using the skills that our team members have learned and have been certified in, such as John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar and Jeffrey Gitomer, we take these processes and instill them in trainers, in a way that they can take back to their own companies and implement daily with their own team members,

But, it takes a commitment on the part of the trainer. He must be able to examine his own styles of presentation, and most of all he must be able to think like those he trains. Once he learns the skills and embarks on this, then in-house training will be the vehicle that will drive your sales, your customer satisfaction, lower your waste, and build that magic goal customer, THE ENTHUSED CUSTOMER!

Want to know more? Get in touch with us here at CVC Success Group at we are waiting to talk to you and ready to help you put your in-house training program together. Let’s talk! You’ve got potential ENTHUSED CUSTOMERS waiting out there right now!