As business owners and managers, we run, and we run, and we run; but we never take the time to just stop and take stock of where we are at and decide what will be our next move to get to those elusive business dreams that just seem to keep escaping our grasp. Maybe it’s time we scheduled a business retreat! The retreat could be just for you, it could be your company leadership team, or it can even involve your trusted advisers, mentors and coaches.

Now to do this successfully you need to plan it out. The following are some key components of a successful retreat:A company retreat could be the launch pad for strategic business planning

WHERE: There is only one thing important as far as where, and that would be one big word: OFF-SITE. Why off-site? A retreat requires clear thinking and it requires that you not be distracted. Trying to hold this in your office will present challenges and distractions. If you are going to truly go through the process, there can be no outside distractions as they will simply serve to occupy time and mind power that is not in the interest of the purpose of the day.

A retreat could be held in your town, it could be in another location, it could be in any type of setting, but the important thing is to set a location where business can be conducted. It could even be in a resort location, but often this will also provide distractions that will compromise the purpose. After all, if you were sitting in a meeting room with a beach outside, is your mind truly on the work at hand or is your mind on that beautiful sand and serf just outside the window?

AGENDA: The retreat should have a formalized agenda that covers the all the pertinent details of the retreat; what time it will start, what time is lunch, what time will the meeting end (all meetings should have an end time established to be timely and to move forward effectively)

Must Haves! The things to cover are:

* What have been our successes?

* What have we failed at, and what did we learn from these failures?

* What are we missing?

* What will be our next move(s)?

* What do we need to start doing?

* What should we stop doing?

* What is our strategy for moving forward?

RESULTS: A retreat will provide you the means of a strategic planning session that ensures you have a solid plan for your future. Will you grow, will you stabilize, or will you offer new products? Are there new services you will market?

CVC Success Group can work with you in setting up your retreat either guiding you through the process or even facilitating your retreat for you! With our team of coaches with their various expertise and certifications in so many areas of business, we may be the perfect choice to facilitate your retreats and deliver the result of a solid strategy for the future.

Want to know more, get it touch with us today at and let’s get your annual business retreat scheduled.