Okay. This may seem a bit like blowing our own horn, and maybe it is. Nevertheless, I think it’s worth saying. When it comes to ride along training for the chimney, venting, and hearth industries, no one offers what CVC Success Group offers. No one.

Whether you want Ride Along to expand technical expertise, such as gas training from Bob Wise, one of the best gas instructors in the industry; or, for the finer points of sweeping and all aspects of chimney repair from Ike Rowland, who can do it all and do it expertly; or, you just want to make sure when your technicians visit customers in the home their interactions are always superior, the unique specialty of Greg Polakow, past VP of Sales for Copperfield and holder of a Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard University, we offer it all.

We offer expertise. We offer training that pays off even as it is happening. We offer a program that has the unique ability to actually move your team to a higher and more productive plateau of performance. And, we even provide a follow-up program of contact designed to make sure that what we’ve taught is fully understood, completely retained, and, of course, implemented!


That means we not only take your team to the next level by riding in their trucks, one on one with your techs, and coaching/teaching them in real life situations in the field, where it counts. But we can make sure they’re making you money while we do it. That’s right. And, that happens because they’ll be completing the work that is needed in the homes of your customers under the guidance of very capable and very experienced tutors. If there is a problem or question or challenge in any of these situations, we will be there side by side with your technicians to solve it, answer it, and meet it, and make certain they learn from it. Additionally, these Ride Along training sessions often introduce your company and team to new products and services you hadn’t considered before.

There is nothing hypothetical here. It’s all very real, very immediate, and therefore very compelling. It’s not the kind of training that is easy to forget because it’s live and has the added value of being one on one. Imagine the training your techs and/or your office staff (that’s right we even work with your customer service representatives) will get from the knowledge, expertise, and skill we bring to your company.

There is so much obvious benefit to you with our Ride Along program, and it comes at a cost that is way less than it would be if you sent your techs out to some distant location for classroom training. In fact, because they will be doing work in the process, making sales, fixing problems, doing expert diagnosis, and winning the loyalty of your customers…well, let’s just say, whatever the cost, it will pretty quickly pay for itself many times over. In fact, often the cost of the training pays for itself by increased sales and more efficient repairs and product installations before we even leave!

If you find a better team of Ride Along coaches/trainers out there, go for it. But, honestly, we don’t think you will. We’re right here, right now. Let’s talk, we are waiting to speak with you. The ball is in your court. Give us a call.