If you want to see a higher level of productivity and effectiveness it requires living a balanced life.  The use of the Wheel of Life can help you assess these values and the relevance’s of each value in your life.

What are your values in your life and how do you deal with them every day?

wheel-of-focus-image-blog-united-states-cvc-coachingDo your actions coincide with your values?

Do you values work as a part of your map to your dreams?

The Wheel of Life, The Wheel of Focus, The Wheel of Clarity, whatever you want to call yours, can put a visual on how you are dealing with things in your life.  Sometimes when we see what we think we know about ourselves it looks different.

The Wheel of Life is simple to set up.  On each section of the pie write down the eight or more most important areas of your life (example, mental, physical, family, financial, personal, career, spiritual, relation) or any area of importance to you.  If you need more spokes re-adjust the pieces of the pie making each equal.  We suggest at least 8 units. This is your chart and needs to deal with what is important to you.

The value at the center of the wheel is zero and the outside edge is a 10.  Each spoke will be divided into 10 segments from one to ten.

When you have your chart drawn then you will want to rate each of your values on a scale of one to ten, being as honest as possible.  Draw a line where you have rated yourself on each value.   After doing this you may want to connect the dots and see how your wheel would roll.  You want to be as true as possible to yourself to see where you stand in a balanced life.  Is your wheel round or are you seeing areas that you need to work on to round the wheel out?  What areas have you rated high, mid-level, low?  What areas need work?  What areas do you excel in?


The rounder the wheel the more balanced your focus is.  If one or two areas have a much higher rating you may want to decide if you are focusing more time than needed there, while you are neglecting others.  Giving up one area of your life to excel in another could cause a loss in a balanced life, especially if you are a family owned business.  An oval wheel tends to be very bumpy.

It is rare than anyone’s wheel is totally round.  The wheel is also an ever changing thing so you may want to revisit your wheel on periodically to make sure you have not moved too far in one direction thus giving up on another.

This visual will help you be accountable to yourself and your values.  Giving these to your spouse and employees will also help them see theirs.  People have a hard time disqualifying something if they can see it.  A family and a company that has near round wheels will work much like a group of well-greased gears to keep both on track.

And if you need help in getting the spokes of your wheel aligned, then let us know here at CVC Success Group. Our Ziglar Certified Coaches are ready to help you reline your wheel and refine your life, after all it is how you get to live your dreams.

-Sheryl Isenhour