Need someone that can deliver a message to a group with the ZING and FLAIR it takes for motivating an audience? You need to look for someone who can generate excitement. You need a speaker who can speak with such PASSION that each person in the audience feels he is speaking directly to them.

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We’ve all heard our share of speakers who fail to inspire. We’ve all sat through boring talks where the speaker talks in a dull monotone, without conviction or passion. The message gets lost in this lackluster presentation because the speaker has failed to ignite the crowd. He has failed to capture their attention, their imagination, and their heart. He has failed to reach them. He may receive polite applause but he has changed nothing. They leave uninspired, uncommitted, and unfulfilled.

If you want to avoid the blasé speaker syndrome, it could be you need a tried, tested, experienced and inspiring speaker like Jerry Isenhour. Jerry is a blue collar business coach who has worked not only in his own service, retail, and manufacturing businesses, but with small, blue collar business owners all across America that use his passion, his drive, and his experience to help them reach their highest dreams.

The unique thing about Jerry is that he has reached some very high pinnacles of success in his career, but he has also experienced the kind of failings that winners have to overcome on the road to ultimate success. Jerry has experienced defeats that others might have considered to be ruinous, but he turned each and every one of them into a way to win. His ability to rise from defeat is so important when your ultimate goal is to help others in their struggle to succeed.

Jerry’s ability to ignite those who feel they are floundering is his trademark. But Jerry has a passion and a drive that even clients headed in the right direction commonly remark that he cares more about their success than they do.

It is from his own intensity, passion and drive that Jerry consistently ignites his audience to strive for their dreams, no matter what impediments they may encounter. So, when they face the walls that can defeat them, Jerry gives them the strength, like a bulldozer, to go over, go around, or right through those walls and continue moving towards their dreams.

So, if you have an event for which you need a dynamic, driven speaker to deliver a message with the kind of passion that can only come from a guy who has turned his weaknesses into strengths and his failures into successes, then you need to consider Jerry Isenhour. Passion and excitement are what he delivers in such a compelling way his audiences leave knowing, I CAN DO IT!

Are you ready for excitement to come to your group? Contact Jerry today at It’s time your events are remembered as a life changing experience for your attendees! Make it happen.