Searching for a way to help you better understand yourself, your team at work, or even your children? This is exactly what the Disc Assessment does. It works with personalities and behavior patterns to create a unique footprint just for you.

The DISC Assessment is a simple yet highly effect and powerful method for understanding a person’s behavior. Personality is a pattern of behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Behavior is the way we express our personality. Each person has a behavioral style along with their personality that when analyzed gives you deep insights to who someone is. The DISC profile goes beyond a personality profile by identifying how a person may tend to behave in different circumstances.

DISC can help you understand your personality and behavior, but it can also help you understand the personality and behavior of business associates and employees as well as that of family and friends.

* Easier to relate to and give directions to someoneCertified DISC Coach badge

* Conflicts will be easier to work on or avoid

* Ability to navigate individual difference and coach employees

* Less wasted time and frustrations when communicating request

* Able to focus more on the persons personality assets

* Time saved, less hurt feeling and better team cooperation can be achieved when you know more about people

DISC is an acronym standing for the four DISC dynamics: Decisive, Interactive, Stabilizing and Cautious. The DISC profile identifies the level at which each of these makes up your behavioral style and how they interact with each other.

A high D, or Decisive, is a result ordinated style that focuses on immediate results, that causes action and gets things done. They are generally risk takers and tend to solve problems quickly and assertively. They may appear to be insensitive to others, highly demanding and overstepping of authority.

A high I, or Interactive, is a person-orientated style that is great with people, enthusiastic, very articulate and outgoing. They are talkative and usually known as the life of the party. They may appear to lack follow through, talk too much and be overcommitted.

A high S, or Stabilizing, is a team orientated style that is predictable and consistent, one who is patient and focused on building relationships. However, they may appear to resist quick change, avoid conflict and procrastinate. They will tend to show a sense of loyalty to an organization or your team and as a result and may remain in their job position for an extended period of time.

A high C, or Cautious, it a task orientated style that focuses on quality and accuracy. They think analytically and tend to be diplomatic and adhere to the rules, standards, procedures, and protocol sent by those of authority. That may appear to be overly cautious, rigid and sensitive to criticism.

Just as each person is different so will their DISC Profile be different. The DISC profile identifies the four major styles and the various levels of each that reveals your particular profile pattern. The DISC profile includes a personal report with insights on motivation and work habits, detailed definitions and keys to understanding your behavior and the behavior of others.

Better understanding of yourself leads to self-growth, better communication, stronger teams, and greater productivity.

What is your DISC style and the styles of your team? Find out and begin improving your life, relationships, and career.Sheryl-Isenhour

Now CVC Success Group provides you access to a Certified Disk Assessor and Coach with our team member Sheryl Isenhour. Combining this with her Ziglar Coaching Certification makes her the perfect choice for you to utilize the DISC Process.

If you are looking to get a DISC Profile for yourself, new hires or all members of your team contact Sheryl Isenhour at or call 704-425-0211 and set up a call to get the answers you need about how DISC may just be the tool you have been looking for.