Once, I noticed on a discussion forum that a small businessman described his business as a “BUBBLE”. He felt he was inside this bubble because he had no staff members. He had a one-man business. He felt his only opportunity to interact with other business owners in person was the convention of his industry. I have often thought of a one man business as a box, but his word of bubble is also a good description.

The thoughts he expressed caused me to think about the bubble that every owner of a service business is in. There are service businesses of all sizes, from the one man operations up to companies with a multitude of trucks and with even different locations and includes some who operate different businesses altogether. And I see success stories with each type, but also hear and see the frustrations of each. The amazing thing is that, no matter the size the business, the basic issues faced by the businesses of different sizes will be similar.

For instance, all business must be concerned with implementation, marketing, budgets, equipment purchases and maintenance, among many other things. And they each have their own unique issues they have to face depending on size. With the larger business comes staff management, where to  park the equipment, payroll and benefit issues and so many other things. With the single person business so often the truck is likely parked at the owner’s home, and at times the office may be a place at the kitchen table, or perhaps a dedicated place in the home. The one man company likely finds that vehicles get longer life, require fewer repairs and even have a better appearance at times. This is a benefit, I suppose, of the owner being the only one who drives the equipment.

But the key thing each and every business owner must remember is the reason they started the business…to deliver to the business owner their dreams. And each and every business owner must remember the development of an excellent business model, no matter what the size of their business, is the road map to their dreams.

Are there advantages to each of the diverse types of operations? Of course there are. And there are disadvantages, as well. The key thing is that the business owner realizes that no matter what size he decides the business should be, he must have a well-conceived business model to succeed.

If you don’t have a plan and system to manage each of the issues every business faces, no matter what size your business is, you will continually and inevitably struggle inside your own particular bubble. And, if you don’t have a viable, well-thought-out, realistic business model, chances are you don’t have the plan you need to attend to all the facets of the business that determine your ultimate success. It’s as simple as that.

In the final analysis, each of us decides the box or bubble we want to do business within. And, each must do some thinking outside of that bubble, or it can become a large trap.

No matter how large or small our business is, there is always the need to network with others with similar business models and that face similar challenges. This is one reliable way to get out of the confines of your bubble or box. There are others.

One of the best ways is to network with industry peers is the often-suggested MIX group. Often the network may be participating in an industry internet discussion, but this does not give you input from the folks that know you, know your skills, know your hopes and know your dreams. Also these folks can know the walls you face in your life that block your goal attainment. Networking with other business owners with an intimate knowledge of your business operation can move you miles ahead. I highly advise that each person investigate the MIX concept. Likely this is one of the leading educational tools, along with the recognized methods of attending conventions and conferences. The folks that participate in MIX groups obtain tools, sometimes they are small tips, sometimes they are game changers. This concept also gives you the ability to see from the inside, just how effective new methods can be for their business models.

The key thought is, success does not result from the size of a business. Rather success is the reward that one has when, through careful planning and execution, their hopes and dreams are fully realized, life is good and things are happening as you dreamed when you started.

Decide what your bubble is, and go realize your dreams. As I often say, ask the man in the mirror, many times he is the one that can truly assist you in where you want to go. And if you truly satisfy him, then you have found the dream you envisioned on that fateful day that you started the journey.