One of the most difficult tasks a person will ever face is the pain of change. It takes a certain mindset and a commitment to make it happen. Often change occurs because the pain one is living in is more painful than the pain that one will undergo to gain the required change. But if we are to reach our goals in life we must power through.

Join us for this broadcast where we talk with Steve Sobczak who has learned what it takes to power through to the change taking him to the level of now competing in triathlons and other competitions. To see how he has built himself through the difficulties he has faced is truly an inspiration to those who knew him as he was and what he has developed into. Truly an inspirational story – so listen as we ask Steve he did it. What was the driving force for him?

The CVC Home Service Success Network is a presentation of CVC Success Group, we present this each week as a way to inspire others and assist them with concepts and processes to assist them in moving to their dreams.