One of the most important factors of growing a team of rock stars is How Will I Get Them Trained. In the past likely most of the training has been done with a method we will call on the job, in other words we hire someone, we now have a warm body, and we assign them to someone on our team to work with them, to bring them up to speed. And maybe even send them to a training when one is in the area, or we deemed it important enough to send them to a remote training.The Next Level of Training - CVC Coaching

But we need to ask ourselves, did it work? Did it produce the trained and professional trades people we needed to add to our team? Did it provide us the team members who could serve our customers the best, who knew the codes, knew the standards, and most of all knew what they needed to do to make the field decisions they needed to make in the field without calling for help?

Well the answer may rest in the following questions if one answers them truthfully. Do you have callbacks? Do you have waste? Do things at times, or even often, go awry? Are your people able to solve your customers questions and address their needs? And can they do that without a call to you or to your co-workers for help?

But it may even ring truer, how do things go when you need to go on vacation, or you are out of the office, or are you scared to leave your business because you may need to answer a question someone has, because they do not know the answer.

Or is there a fear that your team members may miss a sales opportunity, or not know how to quote it correctly, or even explain it? Do you have sales people who may be fearful of making a sales presentation because they do not understand how the work will be done?

If any of these describe you, then perhaps we can help, we are CVC Success Group, a team of subject matter experts that includes coaches, trainers and speakers and we are experts at delivering training to your team members. And we can deliver this in several different ways, we can come to you and present live training, you can access many of our courses on line, but now CVC rolls out our newest method of training, and it brings training in an entirely new way through a process know as direct live streaming to you.

With live streaming training you:

Select the instructor

Select the subject matter

Select the length of the training

Select the day and time of the training

Once you have scheduled your training you simply click connect to the training through the link sent. Get your people together in your training area, you have a monitor for presentation, a cam so the instructor can see you, a mic so the instructor can see you, and speakers so your team can hear the instructor. Just like in a classroom, the attendees can ask questions of the instructor. And each person attending the training gets CEUs if the course they are taking is CEU Accredited.

Technology has changed many things in our world and education is one of them. You can earn a college degree through online presentations, now you can use this phenomenal training method for your team members and build your expertise to a higher level, at a much lower cost, and stretch your training dollars.

Want to know more? Contact us today at and let’s start assembling the curriculum that fits the needs of your company and your team. Rock Stars will be your return, along with the ROI of a higher trained work force.

We are CVC Success Group and we are presenting the courses you need to move your company, and your team, to move to the destination of your business dreams.