Wouldn’t it be great to have a small pocket-sized manual of gold nuggets for starting or growing a business to the level one dreams of? Business experts Jerry Isenhour, Ed Krow and Patricia Lawrence have joined forced as authors and just released this book on Amazon and other book outlets. Drawing on their business acumen of Jerry as a system and process expert, Ed as a Human Resources Expert and Patricia’s expertise as a CFO and designer of financial plans for success they have recently released The Small Business Owners Manual: How To Build Your Dream Business.

IN this book Jerry covers the steps for success in how to write and communicate system that not only will give you the method so that you can communicate them, so your people will buy into them. This is also detailed even more deeply in another of Jerry’s books Standardizing Standard Operating Procedures that details how to write them and communicate them where people will follow them.

Ed designs HR strategies that link employee behaviors to the operating and strategic plans so that business owners have employees motivated to help achieve business goals. He also eliminates the common HR headaches so owners can get the most out of their teams.

Patty focuses on the financial, budgeting and funding skills required to provide you the ways to build a powerhouse GPS that will provide you the methods that high-level experts use to fund and budget their business models. She is a builder of financial tools and systems that reveal the “story behind the numbers” that quickly skyrocket productivity and remove barriers to your company’s growth and profitability.

If you are just a person considering following the American dream of self-employment, or trying to get a business moving forward or even building you business towards exit and retirement, make The Small Business Owner’s Manual your manual for success. And put the expertise of Jerry Isenhour, Ed Krow and Patricia Lawrence to work on your team today.

Available at Amazon and other book selling sites.