Jerry, Sheryl, and Brandi

CVC Success Group coaches Jerry & Sheryl Isenhour & Brandi Biswell.

On social media a new topic has recently emerged. It is called QUIET QUITTING, not only has it emerged there but also has become the topic of blogs and articles discussing this issue. This is not actually quitting your job, but rather is described as a response to hustle culture and burnout. It is also viewed as just doing the bare minimum. Others view it as emotionally checking out of a job altogether. And this could well be infecting your workforce! And it could be a sign of an impending resignation down the road!

It is estimated that Quiet Quitting is costing American Companies over 500 Billion Dollars a year in lost revenue.

Is it a new problem, or is it one that is just rising to the forefront? Is it costing companies’ profits and causing employers to lower their expectations? Is it an indicator of a future loss of a key member of your team?

Join Brandi, Jerry, Sheryl and our guest this week Taylor Hill as we discuss this growing trend in the work forces of America that is called Quiet Quitting!