Jerry, Sheryl, and Brandi

CVC Success Group coaches Jerry & Sheryl Isenhour & Brandi Biswell.

One of the challenges of recruiting new people to your team is the question, “Will They Be Successful?” The answer lies in the success profile for the job you are recruiting them to do, and this is a challenge. After all, you want the right person in the right seat for your job.

No matter the position, the question is, Can they successfully fill the role? To determine if this is the right fit, there is a need to assess their behavior patterns. In today’s episode, Sheryl Isenhour will review how this assessment and debriefing is done to ensure the person you are hiring fits your success profile.

The Chimney and Fireplace Success Network is a weekly podcast brought to you by the CVC Success Group and hosted by industry expert, Jerry Isenhour along with CVC team members Brandi Biswell and Sheryl Isenhour. Each week you will find new presentations to assist business owners and managers in turning their business dreams into their business realities.