Hiring and On-boarding of New Employees

Taking your business to the next level requires hiring top rate employees. Big companies designate entire departments to this very process.

But what if you don’t have an HR department? Then you’ll need to either outsource these on-boarding tasks to a Human Resources advisor or oversee the hiring process yourself.

Hiring the perfect employee is a time-consuming project, and many companies do not have the time or resources to get it done correctly.  The choice of a wrong employee is a costly proposition.  You spend resources finding and on-boarding them only to keep them for a short period before finding out they are not the person you need.

When you approach hiring with a hit or miss method, and the result is often a miss.Hiring and On-boarding of New Staff

This is where CVC can provide this expertise with our certified subject matter experts.

We can conduct your search for any job position. We will do it all – the search, the pre-interview process, behavior assessment, and the phone interview.

Part of the process is our development of the key performance indicators of star employees of the industry. This means we have identified the behavior characteristics you need to deliver the team members you want!

We then deliver to you candidates that meet your requirements for your final face- to-face interview.

Or if you prefer to do the search yourself, we can train you (either virtually or on-site) how to do the process effectively.

Hiring is a process and you have to use every step or the process will likely fail.

After you have selected your new employee, you need to put them through a proper on-boarding process.  Without doing this correctly, the new hire can feel that he made a mistake and leave or you can find out that a costly mistake has been made. And of course, you will need to put a process together to train and retain this new team member to take them to the status of company star.

The job market is continually changing and the way we find and hire new employees is changing also.  Let us help you with finding the most professional person for the job seat you are needing to be filled. No matter your need, we can assist with any of the required positions in your company to attain the position of leader in the market in your community.

How does it Work? 

  • Prepare the ad for your new hire search
  • Post the ad for you
  • Select the top candidates for your review
  • Conduct phone interviews
  • Administer the culture questionnaire
  • Administer the behavior and values assessments
  • Prepare you for the face to face interview with your Candidates
  • One your candidate is chosen, assist you in the on-boarding process                                                                                                

Next Step

Let’s have a conversation about what you are searching for in New Hire.  There is no cost for the consultation, and you can decide if we are a good fit for your company.  Give Sheryl a call at 704-425-0211 or contact her at sheryl@cvccoaching.com.  Let us help you make your next hire perfect for your company.