Every day it happens. A consumer calls and requests that a chimney sweep come to their home and do a chimney sweep service. But then the homeowner hears bad news and that there may be more required to enjoy their fireplace than they thought. It is not unusual, and often the customer is unsure how to proceed. Do they follow the recommendations of the technician or do they ignore the advice the technician has provided?

On this episode of The Fireplace Show we will go into the problems that are often encountered, why they exist, and what action the consumer should take.
The Fireplace Show is a presentation of CVC Success Group and is presented to provide consumers with the helpful information they need to enjoy the warmth and romance of the fireplace in their homes. After all nothing is better than coming home from a hard day in a cold world, because Fire Works.
So join us on The Fireplace Show where we answer your burning questions.