In the world of a service company, the person who is the first point of contact for your prospective customers is likely one of the most valuable people in the business. This person takes the customer from a prospect to customer and furtherFinally, a Way To Recognize a Key Company Team Member - CVC Coaching builds the relationship where the customer becomes a client. What is the difference between a customer and a client you might ask? The customer buys from you once, while the client buys from you over and over.

We may call this person by many titles, maybe they are known as a CSR, others may call them a secretary and others may call them an office manager, depends on the operation. But the performance of this key person may be the performance that moves your company to the level you want it to be.

You see not only does this person handle the initial call, they become the in-house contact for the customer, the person they rely on for their needs and is often the person they interact the most within your company. Are they a valuable part of the team? You better believe it! But until now there were no criteria established as a benchmark for this person, nor was there a way to recognize their achievements, but this is no more.

CVC Success Group introduces the CVC “Accredited Customer Experience Representative”. Not easy to attain and truly meant to provide a high status for those who achieve. What is involved:

  • 24 Hours of training that is CEU approved in the industry. If they are presently certified by CSIA, NFI or CCP that will suffice for 8 of the hours of training.
  • 4 hours of field observation of a technician certified by CSIA, NFI or CCP.
  • A signed affidavit from their employer that they can operate the company software and office systems
  • Completion of an online test to check proficiency with a minimum passing score of 78%
  • Authoring of a 100 to 250 word essay on their personal criteria of what makes for an exceptional customer experience.
  • Once the accreditation is earned it will be valid for a period of 2 years and to renew it will require the completion of 20 hours of CEU accredited courses during the 2-year period.

Are these some hefty requirements? You better believe it. But to be the best, it takes dedication and hard work. And at CVC Success Group we believe that this dedication should be recognized.

Here is the question, if you had a person with these qualifications on her resume, how phenomenal do you think they are and what level of service do you feel they can provide?

Your company promises exceptional service, now there is an accreditation for one of the most important persons on the team

For more on the CVC Accredited Customer Experience Representative qualifications contact us today at We look forward to your team member (s) holding this long-needed accreditation.