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CVC Succcess Group coaches Jerry & Sheryl Isenhour

Join Jerry & Sheryl Isenhour as they present Episode 100 of their Podcast The Chimney & Fireplace Network.

Today our subject matter is WHAT OVERWHELMS YOU. We will give you some tips and tactics to assist you along with some real-life stories about some who have gained major goals by not being overwhelmed, but rather stepping up to the plate and deciding what were the roadblocks to the ONE THING they wanted to accomplish to making their goals their reality.


Jerry Isenhour: Often you get overwhelmed, we all get overwhelmed. So often, it feels like the world is closing in on us and the pressure is building. It’s building because we don’t have the time to get our tasks done. Every day it seems like we have more things to accomplish than we have hours in the day to do it. I know you share those frustrations, they are common with everybody, but we need to come up with some answers. Stay tuned with me, let me share some thoughts of how to not get overwhelmed. Not getting overwhelmed in your life, in your business life and in your personal life. Hang on with me, or as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story.

Would a SWOT process be an answer for you?

Life comes at you fast, doesn’t it? It seems like it’s coming at break-neck speed every day. You feel like you’re under the gun all the time and you’re working and working and working with that minutia that you’ve got to get done every single day. You need a process, you need some secrets to bring it all together, and they’re not really secrets they’re just things that you’ve got to start doing. If you can only take command of your life, your goals, and your processes and put it all together. One of the things that we do here at CVC Success Group is that we facilitate SWOT meetings and I’m going to encourage you in doing a personal SWOT., put it all down on paper. The reason that we’re putting it all down on paper, using a whiteboard or a flipchart or whatever works for you, we’re going to be examining what are our goals and what we’re doing is, we’ve got to find out the details of why we’re not accomplishing our goals. Why are we not getting there? Why are we always victims of procrastination in our deals? Is that your problem? But that’s not really it. So many times, we are simply overwhelmed because of all the things that minutia that we must deal with.

In order to not be overwhelmed you have to decide what is the One Thing.

You see, once you do this self SWOT you can select what your leading issues are because what you’ve got to decide is what is your one thing? You see, you’ve got to do that. You’ve got to select the one thing. This one thing, if we could get accomplished, will be a major accomplishment in your life. It would enable you to deal with more things that would rise to the top of the pile of what we need to know. It’s amazing when we look at the one thing and we focus into it and we determine what has to be done. The series of small things, the different spokes to the wheel, that takes care of all the little things that are stopping you from getting the one big thing. Once we can decide upon this and we can start accomplishing this and move forward. By writing this down on a flipchart or using a whiteboard on a wall, what you’re doing is you’re taking the thoughts, the processes, the dreams, the goals out of your head. Suddenly, you’re seeing it there in front of you. It enables you to clear your head and start thinking so much more clearly. 

Traction, a book that may provide you insight and direction

One of the authors of a book I feel provides fantastic insight is a gentleman by the name of Gino Wickman and he wrote a book by the name of “Traction”. One of the processes he shared in there was the Rockefeller Principles, what he calls “Rocks”. He encourages readers to stop focusing on the big picture and instead focus on all the short-term goals that are needed to get to and put that big one thing to bed to make it happen. 

How did one client “make it happen”?

Let’s look at a couple personal stories here, of people that have done this. The first one involves a client of mine and three and a half years ago, he decided he would write a book. He was going to do this to build his community authority in what he did. He started out, came out the gate, got some pages written, just got onto it. But what happened next was it turned into an overwhelming task and he just couldn’t get it done. But one day he finally concluded that there were segments of writing this book. The first part was that he had to write that draft. Stop worrying about the rest of it and write the draft. Then, he had to go through the editing process. Once the editing process was done, he had to make changes that were required by the editor to give him what he was looking for. He had to go through the designing of his cover. He had to lay out the draft for the publisher. And lastly, he had to go through the upload process, registration with the Library of Congress and all the other things that are involved with release of a book. What he did was deal with the individual spokes of the wheel. What happened was the project rolled along smoothly and finally it stood completed. Today, after three and a half years, he is a published author and he has a sense of pride in something that he’s accomplished.

How did a client turn their business around?

Another client turned their total business around because he took the small steps that were required to move the business to where he needed to go. Over the last 18 months he has went through a major reboot of his business, examined his processes, removed his problem children on the team and today stands with a great crew, a great future and he has the right path carved out and most of all he has the right culture. You see, what he did was he took care of the spokes in the wheel that were required to make the wheel turn smoothly. You see, that’s what you’ve got to do to make it happen.

Will a mind map be a process that can work for you?

You’ve got to learn to get what’s in your head out and put together the mind map of the things that’s going to be required to get there. Once you get that mind map done and you can look up on that wall, and you can see all the things that were in your head, more things than the human mind can make come together until they see it. Because once you see that map, you know where it’s at. 

Once you look at a map and you’re going to make a trip to California, if you’re on the east coast, you can see what’s ahead of you. You’re going to drive through the plains. You’re going to drive over the Rocky Mountains. You know how long it’s going to take to get there. Why? Because you have a GPS and that’s what it’s going to take for you, is developing a GPS.

What words of wisdom will Sheryl share with us this week?

With that, that’s my words for this week. I’m going to turn the mic over to Sheryl and she’s going to give you her words of wisdom for the day. So be sure to stay tuned to the wisdom she’s going to share with you because I can assure you one thing, the value that she shares is astronomical and phenomenal. Stay tuned for that. She’ll be right with you.

Preparation is how you must start the day.

Sheryl Isenhour: You’re up at dawn. You make a cup of coffee. You prepare for the day and you may even check your email. Your busy day begins and then suddenly procrastination sets in. By that, I mean you start a project and then it’s just not what you want to do. You start something else and then maybe even stop that one and put the other one on the backburner with it. Only to have to worry about it all day long. Have you ever sat and worried about something all day long because you didn’t get it completed? What would have happened if you had taken a few more minutes just to finish the first thing? Was this the one thing that would have made all the other projects go better? Maybe it wasn’t the first thing that you should have started on. My thing is to say, before you start anything, stop. Ask yourself, “What is the one thing that will make all the other tasks in my day go easier, that will improve the day?” 

Procrastination, it halts so much progress

Some days you procrastinate, maybe it is one day, or maybe it is a lot of days. Is it the fact that doing what you dislike and not doing what you want to and putting the things that you don’t like to do? Or do they take too long, and you have this checklist that you’ve got to check off. The more checks you get, the better you feel. You do all the simple stuff. You do all the short things and then suddenly, the evening approaches and you realize that you have nothing but long projects and there’s no way you’re going to get them done. Where will that get you? Nowhere except getting to the end of the day, having to go to bed and dreaming about it all night that “I didn’t get the one thing that I needed done today done”. You get up the next day and you start the same cycle over. Procrastination can only be changed, number one, if you understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and the most important of all, why do you want to change. What’s that one thing that you want to change for? Is it family? Is it personal time? If you quit procrastinating, your mind will be clear and more open for everything you do. Again, start with the one thing. Move your day onto number two, number three. Check your list off but check it off in the order that it needs to be done. Don’t lose all that extra time during the day worrying about what you needed to do, because you only did what you wanted to do. There are only so many hours in the day, guys. Make sure you are more productive and then with all this you will have extra time to do the things you want to do with family or alone. Stop procrastinating and move yourself to the next level. 

With that, I’m going to turn it back over to Jerry. I’m sure he has more information that he can give you that will help you clear up and move to your one thing.

FTI is a leading cause of much of the failure of so many

Jerry Isenhour: I hope the ideas, the thoughts, the processes that Sheryl and I have shared with you today have given you some ideas for consideration. But I’ve to remind you, consideration doesn’t do anything without implementation. You’ve got to implement the ideas because so many ideas running around in your mind, you have to decide how to implement. 

When you are ready for change, CVC is ready to help you through the pain

We are CVC Success Group and if we can help you face your one thing, if we can help you make your one thing your reality, reach out to us. We’ve got processes, we’ve got procedures that work for others, I’ve got a feeling they’ll work for you. All you’ve got to do is reach out to us at Let’s have a conversation. Our processes help others, I bet you we’ve got the processes you need. I promise you this, this is our mission, this is our commitment to you, no one works harder for their client’s success than the team at CVC Success Group. Nobody. So, appreciate you joining me today. Tune us in next time on another episode of the Chimney and Fireplace Success Network.