All members of your team need education. This education must be continuous and never ending; and, it needs to fit the needs of YOUR business. CVC Success Group just may be the answer you have been looking for.

Jerry Isenhour Training - CVC Coaching

Our education offerings are varied and serve technicians, clerical workers, sales professionals, managers, and the CEO. Our Team of talented instructors specialize in presenting the information to large groups as well as individuals. That means we can tailor it to you and your group specifically.

Often, the process of education of team members is a haphazard process. We take advantage of some of the opportunities when they fit our schedule and are presented in a location convenient for us. But does the process truly work? And, is the information retained.

The CVC Success Group process brings the information directly to your team, and the presentation is geared to your individual needs, not a large group that may have varying needs.

Not only does the education presented bring useful, cutting edge knowledge, the CVC Success Group training offers classes that have been industry approved for Continuing Education Units to help you and your team maintain certifications.

But, for education to truly be successful, it must not stop with the presentation. It is essential that it be reinforced on an ongoing basis. Without repetition and teaching designed to meet the widely differing learning styles of your team, training can be ineffective. Commonly a major frustration of so many managers is that training is not done in the daily working environment of the business and much of their investment is lost.

Employee Training - CVC Coaching

CVC Success Group knows this and this is why our instructors not only work with the varying degrees of learning styles, we also offer follow-up training that can be done on-line. Setting up a regular program of this on a set schedule is the regiment of true winners in business. They know that dedicated training, properly presented in an exciting and innovative format is a winning program that can take the individual and the team to an entirely new level in their performance. Such training leads to the improved ability to build enthused customers, enthused team members, and most importantly, significant profits for the business. Dedicated training programs deliver high Return On Investment (ROI), and, after all, isn’t ROI the true measure by which any expenditure should be measured?

So if your program for the continuing education of your team is not measuring up, contact us here at CVC Success Group. A phone call or email costs you nothing. But results of this phone call make a dramatic effect on your bottom line. We are waiting right now to talk with you. Give us a call.