Life can throw curve balls at us! You know the feeling, things are humming along, everything is clicking, all the gears are meshing, and then out of the blue LIFE THROWS US A CURVE BALL! And when this curve ball hits, it knocks the wind out of our sails. In many cases, it may even completely halt your journey. You know that journey each of us are on for that dream destination. You know that place where you can see yourself in the future, it seemed like you could almost touch it, but now it is fading swiftly away. But from the chaos of that curve ball, suddenly it is like the dream that was so clear, so vivid, so bright is going out of focus. Ever been there?


You know you are not alone, it happens to all of us. That nasty curve ball that comes out of nowhere, and when it comes and you swing and you miss, often we think I JUST STRUCK OUT! And many at this point will simply stop, never to go forward again. They will never live that dream that was so real, and was attainable. You see we don’t do the thing that the great leadership coach Dr. John Maxwell tells us in his words and writing, and that is that you always must FAIL FORWARD.

But you are so low that you need inspiration, or maybe you just need what Walt Disney shared in his classic advice “You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing for you”.

Jerry Isenhour knows what that feeling is like, even though he is an author, coach, speaker and influencer of others, he hit that wall. He had the wind knocked out of his sails, and he felt his world would now end, his dream would never be his reality. But he had a saving grace, the belief of others that he could still make it, the support of his wife and her love for him. And from this and his Magic Moment when a mentor in his life shared with him the thought of “these guys need you Jerry” he could reinvent his own life, and in this reinvention he found a new dream destination. One that would provide clarity for his own purpose in life.

If chaos has thrown a curve ball at you, if you need the motivation to reinvent yourself, order your copy of Chaos To Reinvention today and learn for yourself how Jerry gained his clarity. Maybe you can gain your own from his experience as you share his tears and his frustrations. But maybe you need a little stronger dose of the right motivation for yourself. Talk to Jerry. He coaches people like you who need that little bit of clarity to see the dream more clearly. And you can even have Jerry for your group, for a presentation with passion, that will bring a tear to your eye, a twinge in your heart, possessing the right stuff when he finishes to take you to your own dream. Book Jerry for your next event, and let him share his story, the story of Chaos To Clarity, and how one gains the inner strength to move forward even though bruised, battered, and beaten.

Jerry is proof positive of the Walt Disney advice “You may not realize it when it happens but sometimes the best medicine is a swift kick in the teeth” but he is also living proof of another classic Disney quote: “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

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