What is your story? I recently purchased eggs at our Natural Grocers. These, however, were not just any eggs. These were from local, non-GMO, grain-fed hens. I was familiar with the brand from the farm-to-table restaurants around the city.What Is Your Story - CVC Coaching

The outside of the carton was filled with the Campo Lindo Farms’ message: their website, phone number, their no antibiotics policy, and their message that local hens lay better eggs. The biggest surprise came when I opened the carton. Inside was a slip of paper with a story. The story talked about how they never named their hens until recently when they had a rebel hen sneaking out to visit the other farm animals, coming to the front porch to drink from the dog’s water bowl, and following the owner around during evening chore time. For this reason, they had chosen to name just this hen. They named her Clota. The story was signed by the owners and their children.

I don’t think I will ever be able to buy any other eggs again. I am invested now. Each time I open the carton I am thinking about Clota and wondering what she is up to on the farm. When we have guests overnight and I make them an omelet, I want to tell them about Clota and the story of Camp Lindo Farms. I want to buy more and more cartons and see how this story plays out. I want to be a part of their story.

So, my question for you is, what is your story? What is the story you are selling? We recently changed our online social media to highlight what we and the team members of our company are up to on the weekends. You see, in today’s world, our customers want to know they are dealing with real people who lead real lives—not just a brand or a logo. They want to click on your webpage and see not only a how-to video on your product but also how your company celebrates birthdays, milestones. . .life.

We get scared. Scared to be vulnerable. Scared to be real. What if Camp Lindo Farms had decided to be just another local, non-GMO fed egg producer? I can tell you that for me it would mean I would just pick up whatever brand of eggs was convenient or on sale. I would not go out of my way to support Clota and the story of her farm.

So, I challenge you to tell your story. Because behind every business is a YOU. What makes YOU unique? Show it off! You just might be surprised at how much your customers buy into you.

Written by Brandi Biswell, Edited by Sarah E. Perkins (seperkinsfreelance@gmail.com)