Sometimes, when you need training for your team, there is simply no better option than having the trainer come to your site. That is just the most effective solution and it’s worth the cost. But there are many training scenarios that don’t require that kind of on-site visit…and those are much easier on your budget.

Learning Through Virtual Training - CVC Coaching

What we recommend for these kinds of training sessions is that we conduct them over the internet through ‘Go To Meeting’. There are a few requirements, but they are pretty easy to meet. You’ll need a meeting room equipped with a large TV screen, a video camera and mic. This will allow you and your team to see and hear our trainer and our trainer to see and hear you and your team. It’s practically like being in the same room.

Our trainer can then provide the necessary information, and see when there are questions that need to be answered. By being able to see the whole class, he can get a better sense of how well the message is coming across and make whatever adjustments are necessary to keep the message clear, interesting, and informative. You and your team can see and interact with the speaker, rather than just hearing a disembodied voice that has been pre-recorded.

The result is a learning environment that is lively, more personal, and far more effective for training that will last. And, you can give your team this experience for a lower cost than you might imagine.

What kind of training would be ideal for this “virtual” approach? Pretty much anything that does not require a hands on experience. That might include things like our Building Enthused Customers course (for CEUs); sales training; customer service training; leadership training, and phone training, to name a few.

Naturally, like any training, you, the owner/CEO/Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, will need to provide continual follow up and input for the training to really become firmly established with your team. But that’s equally true for training provided on site. So, as you can see, there are lots of obvious benefits for virtual training.

Remember, the need for training never goes away. Training is what takes your company to the next level and keeps it there. It’s what removes a lot of the stress of running your business. And, it makes your employees feel more like a part of the team.
Give us a call. We’ll set up a virtual training to suit your needs, schedule, and budget. It works.