One of the leading challenges of many small businesses in America today is that the management and job roles are often shared by two people who care deeply about each other, who are in a family relationship of some type. But the stress of the business is slowly and surely placing severe strains on the relationship.

Jerry and Sheryl Isenhour - CVC Coaching

CVC Success Group has an answer. Two of our coaches, Jerry & Sheryl Isenhour, have lived this life. They have walked in the steps you are walking. Together they have owned and managed several businesses. They understand the additional pressures of working and living together. They also understand very well the issues, complications, and pressures of having other family members in the business, whether it be parents or children. They have done this and they have worked out the problems associated with this type of relationship.

It didn’t happen overnight. It took years of constant work to smooth out the rough edges, the bumps, the stressful issues. It required communication, give and take, long discussions, and continual back and forth. And in that process they learned a lot about themselves as individuals and about each other and how to shoehorn it all into their businesses so that it fit.

Now they have taken this life experience to a whole new level. Sheryl is a Zig Ziglar Certified Coach who now can combine her life experience with the considerable coaching skills she’s gained with her Zig Ziglar training. This allows her to help others that fit into this category, and there are many. CVC also offers the icing on Sheryl’s cake with the skills Jerry has amassed as a member of the John Maxwell team of coaches, educators and speakers.

The result is, Jerry & Sheryl are a phenomenal presentation team for addressing groups of any size on this extremely important issue of happiness and success. So, if you are looking for a one of a kind key note presentation team for your next industry event, Jerry & Sheryl are a uniquely qualified team that make a great choice for you. Their experience, training, and superb speaking skills can turn an ordinary presentation into something truly memorable.

Or, if business / family issues are a road block to your success and happiness, and you need some personal, individual help to work things through, then perhaps it is time for you to get in touch with us here at CVC Success Group. A get to know us phone call costs you nothing, but it may well bring you everything.

Remember, whatever your presentation, coaching, or educational needs, CVC Success Group has the resources you need. Let’s talk soon about how we can help!