As I write this it is November. Let me be more specific . . . November in the chimney and fireplace industry. The leaves are falling and the colors of the leaves are breathtaking. We are setting the clocks back an hour. A reminder that there is’t enough time in the day. The phone is ringing off the hook withhand holding paper out of water more work than any one company can handle. The calendar is full of a waiting list a mile long. It is as if the sky is raining money. On the flip side, each phone call is met with disappointment on the other end when the client finds out how long the wait for an appointment is. Long lunches and even restroom breaks seem like a dream. All the plans you made last spring and summer but did not get implemented seem to be haunting your nights. Exhaustion is the new normal.

So, what is one to do? As I like to tell my kids “fake it till you make it.” Enjoy the busyness of the season and enjoy not having to work as hard to get clients. Relish in the fact you can turn down some work or that not so nice client. Make plans for spring and summer. On your most exhausted days, map out your summer vacation including booking the hotel room. Do not lose focus. Spring and summer are coming. Get out the white board and start writing down what would have made this very busy time a little easier. Is it more staff, a new software program, better tools, better training, phone scripts, or, perhaps, another vehicle to your fleet? Whatever it is, write it down. When springtime rolls around, and you start to come up for air, get started right away implementing your list. You will soon forget this time of year. You need a visual reminder to keep your goals and aspirations on track. Write down specific examples of the challenges this season brought you. We must continue to grow and get better. If all of this seems to be overwhelming, if you are finding it difficult to map out your challenges, reach out for help. Your CVC team has experts for each area of your business. Go into 2019 more prepared than ever. On November 15th, CVC Success Group is hosting a live Q&A session. This is a free event so bring your most pressing questions, your biggest challenges, and your loftiest dreams. We are here to make you a success!

Edited by Sarah E. Perkins.