Bob Ferrari – Instructor

I’ve been married to the same great woman for 47 years. We knew each other for 5 weeks when we tied the knot. We are best friends and are even able to work together in our business White Glove Chimney & Duct of which my son is also a part of. So like many other small businesses across America we are a family business and we strive for our culture and core values to shine in the way we interact with our customers.
My background for roped roof access comes from my mountaineering background. I’ve been on a Mountain Rescue team.  I first rock climbed in Canada when I was 16. I have completed major climbs include Pik Lenin in the Pamir range, Mt. Ararrat in Turkey, Mt. Kazbek in Georgia, Denali in Alaska, Monte Rosa in the Alps.  Though never a good rock climber, I have climbed some walls in Yosemite where I was around 2000’ off the ground.

I started the chimney business in 1984. My business consists of 4 trucks, two locations, and a hearth store. We built our own in-house training curriculum and training areas when I was being coached by Al Levi and Ellen Rohr. In 2012 I decided to contribute back to the industry by serving on the National Chimney Sweep Guild Board of Directors.

I’m best at seeing things from odd vantage points and finding creative ways to articulate ideas. I color outside of the lines. When a group is on unfamiliar ground that’s where I shine. I organized the logistics for our 25-day climb on Denali – so I’m not disorganized. However, I use organization as a platform to launch into uncharted territory rather than as an arrival point.

I have good communication skills, both written and oral, unless I’m bored. I’ve been certified, at one time or another, by CSIA, NFI – wood, gas, and pellet, FIRE, and as a BPI Building Analyst, high rope rescue, and as an EMT. I’m a good teacher. I dislike school, but I love learning.

I am excited to be working with CVC Success Group with my primary role teaching and sharing  roped roof access as a means of providing a safe working environment and the ability to access steep roofs safely in the daily role of a technician. I look forward to working with industry teams at their locations teaching them how to do their jobs safely and without harm. But I also look forward to sharing my expertise with pellets, wood burning and gas burning appliances. I also see where I can share my expertise and training in house pressures and diagnosis of pressure issues relating to performance and air quality issues in homes.

Bob Ferrari coaches he has a gray beard and hair and is wearing glasses and a gray shirt with trees in the background

Let me know how I can help you, the best way to reach me is through email at  

Bob Wise is our CVC Success Group instructor who specializes in gas training for the chimney and hearth industries. We love having Bob as part of our coaching team.