Chimney & Fireplace Inspection Training For Home Inspectors

One of the most important areas of home inspection is the fireplace and the chimney system. But chimneys often vent more than just fireplaces. They also vent furnaces, boilers and various types of stoves burning a variety of fuels. Often as a home inspector you are faced with the responsibility of inspecting these devices within the realm of the standard of care of the home inspection industry. It is an area that traditionally carries with it a high risk of issues and call backs, but now there is the training you need to do chimney inspections with expertise and understanding.

Increase your expertise in fireplaces and chimneys, both masonry and factory built, by attending Chimney & Fireplace Inspection Course For Home Inspectors. Learn from one of the leading experts in the industry in a classroom setting where you will be presented the information in a way that you can digest it and put it to work for you.

Until now, there has not been a concerted and in-depth training that is designed and presented for the home inspection industry. But now that changes with the roll out of the Chimney & Fireplace Inspection Course For Home Inspectors. This new 2-day course is presented in conjunction with InterNACHI at their House Of Horrors in Boulder Colorado. The inaugural class is scheduled for December 11 & 12, 2018. Click the following link for more information and to register for this class.

The course is written and presented by CVC Success Group Founder and Instructor Jerry Isenhour, acknowledged by many in the chimney, fireplace and legal industry as an expert in the subject matter.

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By building your expertise as a chimney and fireplace inspector you can build your value and your business to an entirely new level, opening new markets for you and your company. Want to know more about the course, see below for a video from Jerry explaining what the course will cover during the two days of classroom training and how it will be a value to any home inspector wanting to increase their expertise, skills and earning potential.

CVC Success Group can also help your company with our ride-a-long training service. Our expert consultants have experience in a variety of areas and offer various of support services.