CVC Base Camp – Online Training On Demand!

Over the years of teaching and training professionals, we have developed an online learning platform that encompasses technical training, business management, and much more. We call this the CVC Base Camp Online Learning Platform.

Instead of paying thousands to fly yourself or your employees to get proper training, subscribe to the CVC Base Camp Online Learning Platform and learn anytime and from any device with an internet connection!

What To Expect From The CVC Base Camp?


  • A vast library of over 740 courses, even more modules, and hundreds of hours of training with more being added all the time! The most robust library of training courses to the chimney, venting, and hearth industries!
  • Build your own proprietary training and use CVC Base Camp for storage, assignment, and tracking and measuring the progress of each team member. You are in control!
  • Assign training as needed. Each team member can move at their own pace.
  • Training on how to use CVC Base Camp. If you ever need help using the platform, we are a phone call away!

Preview CVC Base Camp!

Click below to have Jerry show you a preview of what you can expect to see in the CVC Base Camp.

You can subscribe to the program to access all of the courses above and many more. We have over 80 courses and are always adding more!

Subscription Pricing

$199 per month with a ‘student’ seat and additional ‘student’ seats at $39 per month.

  • 10% discount is available for any NCSG or HPBA members
  • Additional discounts available for larger groups, ask us for details!


Unsure if your subscription will bring you the value you are looking for? 

We’re so confident you’ll find value in this online training solution that we’re giving you a risk-free money back guarantee!

Try the CVC Base Camp Online Learning Platform for 2 weeks, and if you do not feel the platform gives you the highest education value, simply let us know and we will refund the first month subscription cost.

Looking to Purchase Single Courses?

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Need More Personalized Training?

We can also work with you to create a fully customized training course to suit your business goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us via, phone, chat, or using our contact form. 

For more training options, consider seeing our live stream training page. CVC Success Group is constantly refining and improving our education offerings to give you and your team the competitive edge!