Donovan Blanks is a member of the CVC Success Group team of coaches and trainers and serves our clients in the area of sales training and provides Ride-Along training to blue-collar service teams where the job includes presenting services and products for their customer.      

Donovan was raised in a family business that did one-week kitchen, and bathroom remodels. When his friends were getting their first jobs in fast food, he was handed a briefcase and color samples to start his selling career at the ripe age of 16.  It did not take long for him to feel right at home giving sales presentations and quoting jobs for customers. His feeling of comfort allowed him to develop his sales process at a young age.

Who is Donovan Blanks


Donovan Explains The No Selling Sales Approach

As a young man, Donovan was an excellent athlete, a baseball pitcher to be more exact. The aspirations of playing pro ball, along with school, kept him out of engaging a job in sales full time. An arm injury at 18 years age dashed the hopes for a professional career in sports as he was unable to get it back in shape, he entered sales full time in his late teens.

  At 20 years old, he was selling $250,000 small remodeling projects and preceded to increase company production over the next 4 years. He opened a full-scale kitchen remodeling and design business and had 3 excellent years with over $750,000 in sales each of those years. Bad business decisions from an inexperienced business manager (himself) saw the failure of the business during the economic crisis of 2007-2011. 

     In 2012 he rejoined the family business but had bigger aspirations and began preparation for and took the IRC Residential Building test. In 2016 he passed and received his General Contractors License. He was off to the races until December 9th, 2016 when a job site injury left him 14 weeks behind schedule; losing over $500,000 in contracted work.

     He worked part-time at various jobs doing the work he had known throughout his life when he came across a job listing for a chimney technician in December of 2017. It was a business owned by a friend he had known for many years, supplying fireplaces his room additions. He was hired instantly and plugged into the learning platform, CVC Virtual Academy. His new career was a natural fit, receiving his CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep Credentials in 100 days.  15 days later with his CSIA Certified Dryer Venting Technician Credentials. In September of 2018 receiving his National Fireplace Institute Gas credentials after attending a Bob Wise Gas Training. During the HPBA Expo in Dallas Texas receiving the NFI Pellet Credentials, and in June of 2019 received the NFI Wood Credentials, thus achieving NFI Master Hearth Professional in just under 18 months in the chimney & hearth industries. 

     Donovan found out he was a natural fit for the sales aspect of the chimney, venting, and hearth industries. Doing research and continuing education to establish the when, where, and why of chimney repair and installation in various scenarios. In the 12 months of July 2018 to July 2019 delivering $1.25 million in contracted sales during this period. 

Donovan joins the CVC Success Team with a proven system that can work for anyone with the right coaching and who is receptive to the concepts and processes he will share with you when he works with your team members with his “No Sales, Sales Approach” a proven system that can deliver your sales objectives to you. 

Want to know more, reach out to Donovan at or by phone at 316 250 2655 and see if Donovan may be the answer to turn your team members into High Impact Sales Professionals using his “No Sales Sales” approach.

Looking for help specifically in the world of hearth sales? Our team of coaches also includes Tim Reed who can help you with just that!