Brandi Biswell – Instructor

Brandi – along with her husband, Jeremy – owns and operates Fluesbrothers Chimney Service in Kansas City, KS. Together, she and Jeremy balance raising their teenagers, running the business, and fulfilling her role as a coach, consultant, and trainer with CVC Success Group. Brandi lovingly refers to their current parenting stage as the “carpool years,” taking every opportunity to bond with her son and daughter as she knows these years are fleeting.

For many years, Brandi was happy to sit on the sidelines of Fluesbrothers while she focused on her career in nursing. In 2013, shortly after completing her Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in hospital administration, Brandi had a difficult decision to make. The office manager of Fluesbrothers was resigning at the same time Brandi was offered a promotion at the hospital. She made the decision to leave the hospital – a profession she had trained diligently for – to join the chimney industry right in the middle of what’s known in the Fluesbrothers’ office as “busy-busy season.” In her mind, she would keep the office afloat for the winter, then return to nursing in the spring. Once she took over the office side of Fluesbrothers, however, she knew she had found her true passion. Fast forward to present day, she is efficiently and effectively managing Fluesbothers full-time and loving it!

Brandi was able to bring to the business the same methods and processes she learned from her 16 years in the healthcare industry.

Nurses are accomplished at being able to articulate, in plain language, medical conditions affecting their patients in ways the patient can comprehend. This skill translates to the chimney industry when Brandi needs to explain chimney or fireplace issues to a homeowner not adept in such terms.

Brandi Biswell

CVC Success Group is both excited and fortunate to have Brandi on our team. She joins us as an instructor, coach, and consultant to managers who face issues in the management of their team. Brandi carries a key ability to conduct the interview process, manage the new employee on-boarding process, and manage the day-to-day business affairs. Her expertise in office management, office skills, and human resources make her a true expert and the person people often seek out for advice.

Always looking to improve, Brandi has now progressed even further with her training and certification, making her a valued resource to the industries she serves. She has attained her Certification in Business Leadership through JCCC, and she has become a Certified Coach and Consultant for the industry-leading software Service Titan. She can now assist her clients in the onboarding, implementation, and ongoing support of this amazing CRM software. Additionally Brandi is certified in stress management by Allegra Learning Solutions. The training certifications that Brandi has compiled makes her the perfect choice to work with you and your team members.

Brandi will be available to present courses on our online platform, as well as work with clients and present in-person presentations. Brandi brings a high level of energy to our team, along with a message that can make a difference to any attendee at your conference. It comes as no surprise that she was recently awarded the NCSG Friendship Award for the friendship she has afforded to others in the industry all throughout the country.

If you’d to share in Brandi’s passion and help your business reach its full potential, reach out to her today at

If you want to take your training to the next level, you can sign up for The Fluesbrothers Experience and see firsthand how Brandi runs her business! 
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