Erin Marcus – Coach

Looking back, almost all the successes Erin has achieved were accomplished through her commitment to hard work and her ability to connect to people through effective communication. While whether or not you do the work is up to you, Erin is excited to be able to show you that effective communication is a skill that can be learned and it can be a game changer for you and your business.
Whether you need to deliver bad news or be able to talk to your customers (and potential customers!) about details and concepts they may be unfamiliar with, the key is to not only share your knowledge but also your value.

Nobody likes to be “sold to” but everyone appreciates being “helped.” Erin is committed to showing business owners how small changes in the way they talk to people can have a huge impact on their success.

Erin’s ability to relate to just about anyone comes from her unique background blending a street-smarts upbringing in Chicago, formal education and a wide variety of business experience.

While her formal education includes an undergraduate degree in communication and an MBA focused on leadership, her business experiences involve managing large multi-family housing complexes, developing million dollar accounts for an insurance wholesaler and ultimately owning her own business helping families with aging parents parents. And if you can imagine a difficult conversation – nothing compares to being in the middle of a family trying to get their 87-year-old loved one to move out of a house they’ve lived in for 50 years and into an assisted living community. That was Erin’s specialty for six years!

One of the things Erin is most proud of throughout all the different parts of her career is how many people she has mentored and helped move into promotions and jobs they never thought they could do. During her years in property management she helped every assistant manager (and even a few leasing agents and two lifeguards) who worked for her eventually be promoted to managing their own buildings. While in the insurance business she mentored entry-level team members up through the ranks and into positions of increasing responsibility.

Once she opened her own franchise business, she quickly became a training center for other new owners who would come spend weeks at a time with her learning best practices for running a successful business. Erin also spoke regularly at the franchise regional and annual meeting on her approach to client consultations and how she maintained consistently above average closing ratios.

After decades of mentoring people as an extra activity, Erin realized it was this piece of all of her past experiences that she enjoyed the most and made the decision to focus entirely on helping people build their dreams and achieve their goals.

As a perpetual student, Erin is as committed to continued learning as she is to helping others. She is an avid reader, attends several business events each year to stay on top of her skills and is mentored herself by top coaches.

Erin’s personal interests are as varied as her work life seems to have been. She has been involved in competitive powerlifting since the age of 19 – and when you realize she’s only five feet tall that becomes even more interesting!

When not working Erin often volunteers at PAWS Chicago where she takes care of rescue dogs and also serves as an adoption counselor matching pets with their new forever homes and families.

If you know your business should be doing better but you’re not sure why its not reach out to Erin at

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